Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Monday April 25, 2011

Haircut & Mission President's Fireside

Dear Family,
This week was much better! Monday was Antax day. It is kinda like Memorial Day. All of the stores were closed until 1:00pm. It was a good thing they opened after 1:00, or I would have to punch someone!

Tuesday we taught a man named Lucion, English. Then we taught Musik the importance of bearing a testimony and encouraged her to try next fast meeting. I love teaching and learning from these wonderful people. Dad helped Joey study for a his test to gain Australian citizenship, so he can get a job. It costs $350 each time he takes it. He has took it four times. Dad has helped him prepare for one month. I really hope he passes.

Wednesday we taught George and Julie. George is doing much better. We have asked him to exercise his faith by asking his boss for Sunday morning off so he can go to church. He hasn't done it yet, but he is getting closer to asking. We are showing him ways to build faith.
We had Institute on Thursday. It went well. Only three people were there. Dad taught the lesson on repentance. We sure enjoy these young men and women. They are great! Afterwards we stood around and talked and ate treats.

I had an 8:15 pm hair appointment. I showed Jayne my hairstylist the wedding pictures. She liked looking at them. I told her I wanted my hair shorter. Wow! It is really short. It's okay, it is a good haircut. I sure miss Julie doing my hair!

Saturday we had English class. There were about 12 people there. It was very good. The big talk is about the Royal Wedding. It's all over the newspapers and magazines. The owner of Subway told us that people are getting together and having parties. They get all dressed up and the girls wear crowns. It's a really big deal.

Sunday we had our Mission President's Fireside. Like always, it was really good. Afterward Sister Liffereth said, "I hope you know how valuable you are at the QV, you make such a difference. I watch you and the way you are with the missionaries. They need your laughter and happiness. Thank you!"
She also asked me if I made it through the wedding (Jeremy's wedding, not the Royal Wedding). I told her I cried a lot. She said, "We should have cried together, my daughter just had a baby last week." It was nice of her to say all of those things.

So that was our week!

We love and miss you all very much!

Mom and Dad

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

April 18, 2011

Goodbye to Elder Woo and Jeremy's Wedding

Dear Family,

Well I am going to be totally honest. This week has been a really hard week. We said goodbye to Elder Woo (he was the zone leader that Karen has loved and become very good friends with ). That was really hard. Then As I watched the missionaries running around gathering their suitcases and listening to their departing testimony's, I felt a feeling of "I wish I was going home," Then I felt guilty for feeling that way. Knowing that everyone was in Utah for Jeremy and Alli's wedding made us home sick. Dad won't admit it, but he is.

We did have some good lessons. We met with George again. He was so down last week. This week he was so much better. His whole attitude is better. His face even seemed brighter. It was wonderful to see him smile and show hope. All we do is read the Book of Mormon with him, and point out the blessings and peace that comes from the Book of Mormon. The book is a powerful took we are all blessed to have.
Institute went very well. The lesson was on faith, a foundation on Jesus Christ. Everyone one shared really sweet feelings and made really good comments. That usually doesn't happen. They hardly ever say much. But is was wonderful and I felt the spirit very strong.

English class was really good. We had ten people there. Dad got a lot of really good quotes off the computer. They all really liked them. We all have a lot of fun!

We taught a lesson on fasting to Misuk and Ivy. They wanted to know how to fast and feel close to Heavenly Father. When they fast they really don't have good experiences. That was a hard lesson because we really didn't have any good answers. We just shared suggestions that have helped us, and encouraged them to try again. Dad said maybe they could start with a 12 hour fast and work up from there.

Well Jeremy's wedding is here. We got to skype with everyone. It was fun getting to see Jeremy and Alli all dressed up. They looked so happy. We loved seeing everyone! The little girls looked so cute. Jenny and Julie looked so pretty. We liked seeing all the action and hearing all the noise. We will always be so grateful to Jenny for making every effort to include us and make us apart of this wonderful day. We did feel included. All though it was a hard day, we are happy to be here and wouldn't change that.

When we came to the QV we brought sandwiches, chips and dip, oranges and carrots. We laid it all out for anyone who came to share (for Easter). The Elders and the members who ate the food sure appreciated it. We taught two lessons and that sure made us feel a lot better! It was also nice to talk to Jeremy, Jenny and Julie. That helped also.

That is all for now.
Love you all!

Mom and Dad

Saturday, April 30, 2011

April 11, 2001

Museum, Baptism, and Chinese Fireside

Dear Family,

Hi everyone. Let us start out by saying how much we love and miss everyone. We are so grateful to be on a mission and are enjoying the blessings and spirit everyday. We are very grateful for all of you, and the love and support you give us. We couldn't serve with out all of you. You are always in our hearts.

We had a fun prep day. We went to the mueseum with the elders and somemembers. It had dinosaurs, fish and a whole bunch of stuff. It was really fun. Hunter would have loved it. We taught FHE later that night. We did a demo using a jar. We filled the jar with apples and plums, representing all of the important things we should do everyday. Then we poured rice in the jar, representing the fun things. So after you do the most important things you can still have time for the fun stuff. It went pretty well, I guess.
Tuesday we skyed with Jenny and her girls. It sure is fun to see their cute little faces and hear their voices. I love it. After we were done we prepared the Chinese missionary fireside for Saturday. We were given six reasons why we should go to sacrament meeting. Then Dad and I had to write a script to fit the reasons together. So we came up with some quotes and scriptures and a musical number inbetween each on. I think it turned out okay. I will tell you after Saturday.

Wednesday we had a really good day. We had a lesson with Julie. We taught her about Nephi's broken bow. We had a good discussion. We enjoy her. She is very fun to tease and joke around with. We always team up against Dad.

Then we had a very serious lesson with a man named George. He has been a member for three years I might have told you about him last week. This week's lesson was very touching. He has lost his faith and testimony because of a lot of things, he has a lot of problems and trails. We taught him with two elders. We showed him two different conference talks on adversity and the atonement by Elder Holland. Then all shared experiences, we read a few scriptures. Then he asked for a blessing. Das was asked to give the blessing. He did a really good job. George promised to ready and pray everyday. We are all praying that his boss will let him off so he can at least go to sacrament meeting. It was a very good experience. The spirit was really strong.

On Friday Elder Woo and Elder Su had a baptism for Winnie. I spoke on baptism and the holy Ghost. While I spoke tears streamed down her cheeks. It was very sweet and touching to me. I went with her to the font. After she came out I asked her how she felt. She said it was a warm and special experience. She is a a sweet girl.

Saturday was the Chinese fireside. We went to the Liffereth's house. I chopped four bags of carrots into match sticks. Dad cut up four huge platters of fruit. Sister Lifferith made two huge rice toppings, fours batches of fried rice, two different stir fry's. You should have seen the kitchen. Rice was all over, sauces, fruit peelings, it was a mess! But we cleaned it all up and got it done and looking pretty in three hours. There were eighty people there. The food and the program were a success! The President loved the program. Elder Woo loved it too! It was an awesome night!

On Sunday we had a special dinner for Elder Woo, he is going home next week. It was great fun! The Elders stood in a line with me in front leading and we sang "Popcorn Popping" and "Book of Mormon Stories." They are all so fun. It was awesome. I love these guys!

That is all for now.

Love you all so much!
Mom and Dad

Monday, April 3, 2011

General Conference

Dear Family,

I hope this letter finds you all healthy and happy!

I sat in on a lesson with Elder Su we taught Winni a lesson on tithing. This is the last commandment they have to teach her until her baptism on the 15th. they asked me to share my testimony on tithing. It was a good experience. I liked it!

Friday we called Jeremy for his Birthday. We had a really good talk. He seems to be doing very well and looking forward to his wedding. We are so happy for him.

Dad was teaching a lesson with Elder Burke so I left and went for a walk and got a pop. I called Jenny while I was gone. Oh I love that so much. It is a good break for me. Then I came back we taught a lesson to Louis about the ten virgins. It was good. After the lesson we caught a train that so was sooooo crowded. We were sucked together like sardines. We went to a baptism. It went very well. I love baptisms.

Saturday was the long awaited day for all of us missionaries. We saw general conference. (General Conference is re-broadcasted the week after it is broadcast in the U.S.) As I sat and listened to each and every talk I couldn't fight back the tears, because I pictured my family and friends listening to these very same messages. I felt connected to them, it 's hard to explain. I didn't want it to end. The first two sessions were wonderful. Then I did something I have never done before. I went to the priesthood session. Since I had to stay to wait for Dad, I thought, "I can sit in a classroom, or go in and and listen." So I did. I loved it. I especially loved President Monson's talk.

On Sunday Elder Hollands talk was my favorite. But I loved them all. When it was over and we left the building I was very sad. I felt like I was leaving my family all over again. I know that sounds weird, but that is how I felt.

Elder Su and Elder Woo came to our flat for dinner. We had corned beef, pot rice, cabbage, carrots, onions, and garlic bread. It was good. We burnt the cabbage. We had a fun time. These Elders are the cream of the crop.

Well that is all for now.

Love you,
Mom and Dad

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011

Cell Phone, Birthday Party, Baptism Date!!

Dear Family,

I always look forward to Mondays! We did the usual, but we also bought a cell phone!!! We are so excited. Now we can call when ever we want. Your Dad is a little afraid I will go wild, and maybe I will! So there!

Tuesday we had three lessons and the QV was very busy. For about two hours all five teaching areas were busy. That is the BEST when it was like that.

Wednesday we had a zone meeting and it was also Sister Lifferth's Birthday (the mission President's wife). Elder Woo and Elder Su (zone leaders) asked me if I could come up with an idea of something to do for her, and they would help in anyway. So we thought about it and this is what we came up with. We got a yellow table cloth and a beautiful vase of flowers and a big card for everyone to sign, and a "Happy Birthday" banner. We went to the church early to sign the card and set it up in a classroom. We all went into the chapel when zone conference started and had our meeting. Then we had a five minute break and all of the missionaries went into the room where the flowers were. Dad and I took President and Sister Liffereth in the room a few minutes later and all of the Elders sang "Happy Birthday." It was so cute and she loved it. Presidents Liffereth was taking pictures and it turned out great. She loved it. Then we had lunch and the Elders were in charge of making Taco Soup.

Thursday we sat in a lesson with Elder Woo. He has been teaching a girl names Winnie. I have helped him many times. He has taught her all of the lessons. She has been waiting to know if the Book of Mormon is true. At the end of the lesson Elder Woo said, "How do you feel about the Book of Mormon?" She said "I think it is the word of God and I want to be baptised."
I thought Elder Woo was going to do a summer salt. He was so excited. Winnie will get baptised on the 15th of April and Elder Woo will go home on the 2oth of April. What a way to go home! After she left, we were doing high fives. Every one was so excited. She is a really sweet girl.
Friday our day started out really busy, but three appointments canceled. At 3:00 the QV got really busy. Dad was helping a young man with home work, so I left to get a pop and decided to call Jenny on my new cell phone. It was fun, a pop in one hand and my cell phone in the other!
On Sunday the Relief Society President wanted us to share with the sisters exactly what we do at the QV. Dad shared the physical aspects and I shared the spiritual side. We both ended with our testimony and invited them to have the missionaries in their home to teach a lesson. After we were done, the Relief Society President threw her arms around me and thanked us for sharing. She said "I had no idea that is what went on down there." It was a really good experience.

Well, it is a wonderful time to be a missionary.
We love this work.
We love all of you, are dear family.

Mom and Dad

March 21, 2001

Black Swan and Fallen Slip

Dear Family

Hi Everyone. Hope this finds everyone healthy and happy! We had a very fun preparation day. We went with several Elders and Musik and Ivy to the Botanical Gardens. This is a very beautiful place. It was so clean and well taken car of. It has some beautiful trees and flowers that you don't see in America. We loved it. There are many gardens here but we chose one with a pond. Supposedly there is only one black swan in the whole world and it lives on this pond, or so the Australians say. The swan came right out of the water and came up to us. It was eating crackers out of the Elders' hands. Dad thought he would be funny, he charged it and ruffled his feathers. The swan got mad and started pecking at this leg and shoe. It was pretty funny. Then we went to a Korean restaurant, we had dinner family style. They cooked every thing at the table, and everyone shares. They brought out two pots. It reminds me of fondue. It has broth and vegetables. It's really good. Then they brought out two pots of hot coals and a grill and meat. It was a really fun experience.

Funny story. We got off the first tram and were walking to the second tram to go to the QV. I felt something on my hips and looked down. My slip was hanging four inches below my skirt! But don't worry, no one noticed, because Aussies have weird styles. And if they did notice they would just think it was a new style. Believe me, we have seen everything, mostly girls you forget to get completely dressed before they leave home.

Institute went well. We had seven there. It makes me so happy that they keep coming. In English class we learned about all sorts of different kinds of cooking and food, it was interesting.

We taught Elaine again, she has finally agreed to read the Book of Mormon. So that is what we will be teaching her for the next few lessons. We invited her to Church, but she didn't show up. (She said it was to early).

Love you all,
Mom and Dad

PS. Thank you, everyone for your love and support. We can feel it!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

Karen is Still Sick

Dear Family

Monday we did our usual. Then the rest of the day your Dad did taxes and I slept. I loved the day! Then we went to FHE. We always walk to the tram with Jenna and Eliza. We walk past Subway so of course, we have to stop and get a drink. It's fun, the girls like it. We talked to Julie on the phone for her birthday. We can NOT believe our youngest child is 29!! That means Dad is getting old.

Thursday poor Dad went to the QV all by himself. I stayed home and slept all day. I thought I was dying. On Friday I slept all morning and we didn't go into the QV until 1:00 in the afternoon. I felt a little better. When I got to the QV I called Jenny. I call home when I feel the need.

I just want to say the Elders are very sweet to me. Many called to see how I was doing, and when I came back to the QV they all said they missed me and they were glad I was back. We are like a little family. We worry about each other.

On Saturday was English class. Brother Choey taught us all about Food. He worked in the restaurant business for 40 years, teaching and training. He knew a lot. It was fun to hear what he had to teach. Saturday night was the Chinese Fireside. We helped with the food. The program was on callings. It was very good. Dad spoke at it. They wanted him to talk about the callings he has had and how he felt when he got released. The wards here have found that when the extend a call to the Chinese people and then they get released, they feel like it's a bad thing. Some of them get offended and stop coming to church. The program was very good and explained all about how you get the call and release.

Sunday Sister Liffereth (mission president's wife) spoke in Sacrament Meeting. It was the best talk on faith. She told us that early Saturday morning the doorbell ran and on the porch was their Bishop. He was unshaven and teary eyed. His son is serving a mission in Japan, and he was still missing. He had been up all night with Salt Lake trying to get information., but there wasn't any. So President Liffereth tried to see what he could do. He gave the Bishop a blessing. When he was ready to leave sister Liffereth said, "Bishop tell me how you feel in your heart right now." He said "I don't know if my son is dead or alive but I know he is okay." She said that is faith. The story has a happy ending. He was found. There are still eight missing. We need to pray for the people in Japan.

Well that is all. I think I am feeling better, so that is good.

We love you all and ask Heavenly Father to let our mission bless our Family.

Mom and Dad